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Mr. Greengenes' Lawn Care is committed to creating and maintaining the healthiest environment for your grasses, shubbery, and ornamental trees.

We want our customers to see us as his/her partner in providing industry proven techniques, quality materials and dependable work. As we complete our second decade of business (1990), we will continue to be one of Louisville's most dedicated lawn care companies.  

We want to earn your business with each and every service: service intended to go beyond its value, producing results beyond your expectations.

 L.G. Tinnell  began Mr. Greengenes' Lawn Care in 1990, convinced the green industry needed a company that offered service-oriented lawn care.  With the help of family and friends, we began to perform multi-service lawn care and landscape maintenance to residential and commerical clients.

Applications are owner applied.  L. G. is a state certified applicator.  He is trained by University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service personnel and keeps up to date with all the latest techniques and information on plant management. 

Seasonal News

Summer News


        Summer is here and so are the HOT temperatures. With this in mind here are few tips for watering more efficiently. Read your rain gauge once each week and supplement to at least one inch. The best time to water your yard is early in the morning, the second best time is just before dusk. Use the sprinkler only for watering the lawn, it’s an ineffective way for watering other plants. Put an open tuna can near the sprinkler pattern and move the sprinkler when an inch of water collects in the can. Also position the sprinkler so water does not hit the pavement. 

Drip irrigation, trickle irrigation and soaker hoses are the best way to water everything but the lawn. Once they are installed they will need to be left on a long time, because they apply water slowly. Make sure to always measure how deep the soil is dampened after one hour, two hours, etc. of watering. Then you’ll know how long to water for plants in different sections of the yard. 

June is not too late to plant annuals. You’ll have flowers to frost.

Do you have Bermuda grass contaminating your lawn? Let Mr. Greengenes’ 

help you get rid of it. Don’t forget to schedule Mr. Greengenes’ to prune spring flowering shrubs and trees.


Services & FAQ's

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Our Services


  • Tailored programs to achieve your goals of healthy plants and good looks.
  • Use of quality fertilizers for plant vigor and emerald color.
  • Use Federally approved weed control products.
  • Core aeration to relieve compaction and to stimulate microbe activity.
  • Grub control to minimize turf damage.
  • Lawn renovation to reduce the number of species, of grasses, weed contamination or to increase the grass plant population.
  • Lawn over seeding to repair turf damage and or increase grass populations.
  • Liming to change the ph level of the soil to achieve the optimum range for growing desirable turf grasses.


Q: What should determine the number of visits each season?

A: Our recommendations are given to maintain a healthy growing environment for desirable turf grasses and ornamental plants, keeping weed invasion and insect damage to a minimum. These recommendations are then tempered to the customer's expectations for the landscape.

Q: Is it necessary to leave a sign?

A: Yes, legally. It notifies the public and you that a service has been performed and precaution is warranted. WE WANT YOU TO MAKE YOUR LAWN LOOK GREAT! PUT A MULTI-SERVICE COMPANY WITH 25+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO WORK.

Q: Will I need to water my lawn?

A: Assuring adequate irrigation lends to plant vigor during times of stress. This practice also assures that the lawn's quality will be high over longer periods of time.

Q: Will my lawn be weed free with your service?

A: No. Weeds are a part of life and are one of the reasons Mr. Greengenes exists. With attention, through, and with adequate management, weeds can be maintained to a minimum intrusion. AS AN OWNER-OPERATED COMPANY, OUR OBJECTIVE IS TO ACHIEVE YOUR SATISFACTION. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EXPERIENCE, TRAINING, AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. CONTACT US NOW FOR YOUR SURVEY AND SERVICE QUOTATION. 

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